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Yashwant Sinha Quits BJP, Will Unite Opposition

Former BJP Minister, Yashwant Sinha, today in Patna announced his 'sanyas' (retirement) from BJP & politics. He said "Today I am ending all ties with the BJP... I am taking sanyas (retirement) from any kind of party politics" Yashwant Sinha made...


Iraq Air Strikes Islamic State in Syria

The Iraqi Air Force recently carried out air strikes on IS in Syria. Iraqi Prime Minister's Office confirmed the 'deadly raids' in thier neighbouring state Syria. The Prime Minster had odered air strikes against the jihadists "because of the dannger...


Woman Kills 8 Months Old Son in Delhi

A mentally ill woman from outer Delhi's Anand Vihar has allegedly killed her 8 months old son, and later was found sleeping with the dead body. Police said that the boy's head was decipitated using a knive and mutiliated the...

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