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Physics Paper: Class 12th Boy Commits Suicide in Mohali

Students have complained about trickiness of the paper.


A class 12th student committed suicide post his Physics Paper or 07th March in Mohali,Punjab.

Karanvir Singh, a private CBSE student who had scored 90% in his pre-boards, committed suicide on Wednesday by hanging from his ceiling fan. Just for mere 9 marks, Karanvir had left 3 questions of 3 marks each from section C.

When Karanvir left the examination center, his father Arvider Singh asked him about the exam, to which Karanvir replied that he had left 3 questions. His father advised him to practice writing faster, which came unexpected for Karanvir at that time. His father should have rather supported Karanvir, who was already sad about his performance.

Karanvir in his suicide note said

“I am sorry I could not live up to your expectations and fulfil your dream.”

Parents in India are probably the most demanding in the world, not sure about the children though. Parents in India need lessons on parenting, especially about examinations & aspirations.

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