‘Padmaavat’ Movie Censor Copy Leak Claimed on Internet, Bhansali’s Office Rejects Claim

Much controversial movie Padmaavat’s censor copy was claimed to be leaked recently on the internet.

Sources to WeReform News said that the censor copy of the movie was leaked on Tuesday, 2 days before the scheduled public release. The censor copy of movie is currently available on internet for download or not is unsure.

A post on Facebook was shared claiming that the film’s censor copy has released. The post also had the snapshots from the censor copy of movie, but the snapshots show title as ‘Padmavati’ not ‘Padmaavat’, it is still not sure which version of ‘Padmavati/Padmaavat’ has been leaked, if sources are to be believed.

Author of the post claimed the leak of movie. Many others have claimed leaked yesterday,
Author of the post claimed the leak of movie. Many others have claimed the leak yesterday,

When WeReform News contacted Sanjay Bhansali’s office regarding the leak, the office termed the leak a rumor. Interestingly, the person on phone said that the movie would release soon, when we asked about release in Rajasthan, he said “har jagah release hogi aur virodhiyon ki pungi bajega.

Meanwhile, Rajasthan multiplexes have backed out from buying the movie’s distributorship. It is alleged that members of Karni Sena and other groups had visited each theatres individually and asked them to not release the film or to face the consequences.

This all is happening despite Supreme Court has allowed public release of the movie in each and every state.

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