Bihar’s Chief Secretary Anjani Kumar Singh Accused in Fodder Scam

Jeetan Ram Manjhi (ex-Bihar CM) had promoted Anjani K Singh to CS ahead of 8 senior IAS officers.

Bihar’s current CS along with 8 others have been accused in the infamous Fodder Scam. A special court of CBI headed by Justice Shivpal Singh has accused a total of nine new people in connection with Fodder Scam.

List of accuseds:

  1. Anjani Kumar Singh, Existing CS-Bihar
  2. A.K. Jha, Ex-SP, CBI
  3. Pankaj Kumar
  4. Neeraj Kumar
  5. Shiv Kumar Patwari
  6. Mohd. Saeed
  7. Rameshwar Prasad
  8. Naresh Prasad
  9. Sailesh Pd. Singh

Regarding, Anjani Kumar Singh & A.K. Jha, the court has directed CBI to file accusation/prosecution permission from their respective departments by 12th April 2018.

The court has directed via a notice to other accuseds to appear before the court on 28th March 2018.

Anjani Kumar Singh, current Chief Secretary of Bihar, was the then Deputy Commissioner of Dumka in Jharkhand, place where the Fodder Scam took place.

Back in 1995-96, Jharkhand wasn’t partitioned from Bihar. Now since the place of incident falls under Jharkhand’s territory, hence all proceedings in regard to the case are made by Ranchi High Court or CBI’s office in Ranchi.


Relevant Documents (Via WRNews Research Desk):

1. CBI  F.I.R.  NO.  RC2202017E0013 (Source:CBI)


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