Feminism in India, Please Shut Up!

There is a super-active group of females on internet, they talk all non-sense about females & patriarchy, however their existence for real upliftment of women is yet to be found. They recently published an article to which our friends at Politically Incorrect replied. Views are of author.


So, ‘Feminism in India’ recently published an article by the name Aath March Saath March. In this article, the writer of the article had talked about a lot of things and annoyed a lot of people, including yours truly. Now, we will go paragraph by paragraph through this article by a guest writer and agree with some points. But, disagree with most. Anyhow, enjoy the ride. Also, I would advise you that you read their article first before proceeding. I won’t be able to add images or context for the fear of being struck down by a DMCA notification.


Now having gone through the first paragraph, it is abundantly clear that the person writing this clearly anti-BJP. This and the fact they are far left in terms of ideology. They talk about destructive politics without any context whatsoever. This is the type of entitlement that I am vehemently against. How in the bloody world is a democratically elected government destructive? How have they failed to uphold your constitutional rights? Please clarify and elaborate because from where I stand, you seem like a person with a victim complex. Secondly, what communal and casteist forces? Please, tell me? Because from what I have read, about 40% Muslim population has voted for BJP. Or do these people represent the minority you want to suppress? Last but not the least, capitalist forces. Bwahahahahahahaha. If I was a betting man, which I am, I would bet a grand right here and now that you are CPI supporter from West Bengal. Dear person, please, sometime, read about the evil communist forces as well.


This paragraph is basically the continuation of the first one and a rant against BJP, most probably due to the recent election results. I mean how is it divisive when people from more than 20 states of the country are willing to elect the same party to lead their government? From the looks of it, it is unifying the nation rather than dividing it. Now, you may have a problem with the Hindutva Banner that is being unfurled but tell me this, what communal clashes has it instigated? Because last I remember, CPI was urinating in kid’s mouths for saying “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”. If praising your nation is an ideology that is fragmenting it, then please, by all means, suggest a better one.


Now this person goes on to quote Oxfam in this article. Please keep in mind that Oxfam isn’t a verified source and has recently been caught in a major sex scandal and has a history of a lack of local experts. So, to come up with numbers while watching popcorns pop in a microwave is no big deal. Hell, even I can come up with one right here and now. 85% of feminists are mentally retarded land whales. No empirical data whatsoever. Also, keep in mind the hypocrisy and shamelessness with which Feminism in India is quoting Oxfam when they have had a policy of not allowing men to write for them due to their sex. Keep up the good work Ladies.

Next, the person talks about the %cut in the union budget for the gender component. Once again, this is a misleading statement to make when you consider that the GDP has grown and so a % cut might look bad when looked at but when you see the actual budget allocation, the budget has actually increased. Then there is the unicorn that almost all feminists love to talk about. The rape culture. With rape statistics at 1.8 per 1000 as per the UN report and 53% of rape cases falsified as per the DCW, the only culture we have right now is a misleading culture and victimhood culture. Then she talks about gender-based violence increasing, which if you go by the stats has actually decreased. But hey, she gotta play the victim yo.

Last but not the least, there is another blatant lie. “Each passing day witnesses relentless attacks on the Constitution of India and its democratic and secular values.” Can someone please ask this person in what way has the constitution been attacked or the fabric of secularism been shred? Because the last time I remember the constitution was under attack was when a woman was the Prime Minister and had declared an unwarranted emergency.


In the 4th paragraph, the person writing this and I are gonna assume most of the feminists highlight a few points that they insist must be acted upon. This right here is quite hysterical to me and hypocritical. Let us get into it.

  • They want the Women’s reservation bill to be tabled in the Lok Sabha. Can you see this? Feminists – Women are equal to men. Also, feminists – we need a reservation. I am at a loss of words. Either way, reservation is not an answer to anything. No democratical society is built on equity, i.e equality of outcome. What they are built on are equality of opportunity, which you have been provided with and used to spout such verbal diarrhea.
  • Yes, you already are. What you seek right now is not equality but rather entitlement.
  • The policy makers have not turned a blind eye to it as sex determination is illegal since the 2000s. What is needed is a grassroots approach to which, unfortunately, no policy maker has control over. Ask your commie friends, will you?
  • Already granted along with reservation. You really need to do some research before writing and Feminism in India needs to do a lot of proofreading before the publish such ideological cancer.
  • Lol. Per year, more women clear class 12th boards than men. So yes, they are educated. They have had the opportunity to have the launch pad. Where they decide to go is not the government’s business. If you are educated enough and don’t demand privileges like menstrual leaves etc, you will be employed.
  • Already guaranteed. Stop being an ideologue for a second, will ya?
  • Agreed but as long as no alternative livelihood is provided and automated scavenging is implemented everywhere, this, unfortunately, is a necessary evil.
  • Agreed. However, it is not just confined to women but eh, as per your lot, men can never be the victims of rapes etc.
  • SHUT UP! JUST STFU! You are an entitled person, far away from the ground realities of what is happening. Won’t be surprised if you have studied from JNU. Demilitarization of those zones, under the current political scenario, is under no way advisable or feasible. It will be national suicide. It is easy to say these things from an air-conditioned office, in front of a screen. A buck gets ten you have never even been through the scrapes that the Naxals or the JK separatists pull off. So till the time you have some actual experience of those zones, SHUT UP!


In this para, the person talks about gender-based violence. Now let me educate you. 53% rape cases are false. More than 70% of the non-reciprocated domestic violence is perpetuated by women. More than 40% of the reciprocated domestic violence is perpetuated by women. Yet, all the rape laws are women exclusive. All the domestic violence laws are women-centered. So if you want to take a stand for gender-based violence, please take a stand for men. Not the women. Now, back to the point by point rebuttal.

  • Marital rape is recognized and women can seek relief through the 375 IPC and the 2005 domestic violence laws. It is classified as a civil dispute but if established, the punishment is a minimum of 7 years, the same as that of regular rape. So please, do educate yourself before harping like a retard.
  • Agreed. I am in absolute agreement of this. However, what is funny is that earlier, the writer had mentioned the Muslim women in need of protection as they are extremely vulnerable. Now, however, the perpetrators of this practice are a few communities in India. Well, let me say it out loud for you. It is primarily practiced by Muslims. Also, while you are out there getting this banned, please do raise a point against the practice of circumcision as well. Would love to see just how much feminism is about equality.
  • They already have it. The constitution addresses the people of India. So, if a transgender or whoever you want to talk about, is born in India, they already have the aforementioned rights you are begging for.
  • Absolutely agreed.
  • Agreed. However, policy formation will and should be in the realms of policy makers only as they are duly elected. Not someone with zero background or popular vote.


Once, again the person writing this keeps on projecting. Man, do I hate the commies. Anyhow, back to the point by point rebuttal.

  • Already granted. The section 66A has been repealed a few years ago. You really need to do some more research. Also, the only ones targeting university students are people like yourself. A prime example of this is the harassment my friend had faced because he had compared feminists with the KKK.
  • Already granted and no politician or judiciary has ever defiled any person’s religious choices as long as free will has been established. take the example of the recent telle actress who converted to Islam to marry the man she wanted just because that was what was demanded of her.
  • Already illegal. Plus, steps have been taken against this. You raising this point is like me going on a street and shouting no more robberies. No more murders.
  • I am sorry but no. How are women’s organizations with their vested interests better suited than a body established to look into the same by a democratically elected government?


Just two more paragraphs to go. you and I, both can make it.

  • You already have it. What you all want right now is an entitlement.
  • Once again, they have been illegal since the time of independence. What you want right now is freedom from being robbed. Also, please mention the incident where Muslims and CPI members in Kerala lynched an Adivasi because he stole some food. Go on.
  • Once again, the anti-BJP agenda shines through. These people want facilities like the western society. But when someone tries to provide them with these, they have an issue. Dear lady, the US of A, uses a similar system called the social security number, to provide the facilities that you have demanded in your next point.
  • No one has. Shut up.


last paragraph. Almost there people.

  • First and foremost, I doubt any regressive ideologies are being hyped. The only ones that are are the Marxist ideologies which have 0 practicality but you and your cohorts continue to hype them. Secondly, no one glorified Sati or Jauhar. The practice has been illegal for more than a century and what the movie was about was a woman making an independent choice. Which, I believe is what feminism is all about. Secondly, art is subjective. You may have found the movie to glorify Jauhar. I found it to be glorifying Rajput heritage. Third, the director has his artistic freedom, which you want to resist. Imagine the hullabaloo if SLB was a woman and men had made a similar call. Just imagine.
  • No one has. On the contrary, morons like yourself and the Delhi University feminists have by calling gender a social construct. I believe you really need to take a long and hard look in a mirror.
  • Shut up. Not even gonna argue against this bit of ideology.
  • Yes, we shall resist the dilution of a law which is being misused to extreme extents by women to ruin a man’s life while remaining quiet about the problem men face thanks to all harassment and rape laws being gender exclusive. Just about sums up feminism.


‘Feminism in India’ claims to represent women in India. What Feminism in India actually does is use its platform to peddle political ideologies to unsuspecting women who often go through their posts to feel a sense of belonging. Also, Feminism in India has shown, through this article, that in their quest to not allow men to write for them, they are ready to publish such ill-researched and ideological articles, rife with political poison. This needs to be checked, if not stopped and it is time, we all took a stand against this cultural Marxism.


Views are of author.

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