Ignored Murder of Chandan Gupta, a Hindu’s Opinion

Chandan Gupta was killed during a Republic Day procession in Kasganj, West UP.

India witnessed how the Chandan Gupta’s murder news was initially disregarded by the media giants, here is an opinion by Kapil Routray on the issue.

The events at Kasganj are merely the harbinger of what faces Hindus in the near future.

Though the Elites of India remain insulated from the coming crisis within their gated communities and wealth- and will, doubtless, flee when matters worsen, no humble Hindu can fail to observe the gradual encroachment of the Mohammedan ghetto upon the Hindu neighborhood.

The murder of Chandan Gupta is already not only being ignored by most Media outlets but also being actively justified by several political activists and commentators.

Vandal, he is being called, for loving his nation.

Provocateur, he is being called, for chanting “Bharat Mata ki Jai”.

Bigot, he is being called, for the crime of be being born a Hindu.

Will there be any marches in his memory? Will there be any tirades in sophisticated newspaper editorials? No. Chandan bhai will be forgotten, the way Shyama bhai has been and Rahul bhai has been and Tukaram sir have been.

The Elite will hate his memory. The Intellectuals and Educated Classes will mock him. The Police will ignore him, The much vaunted Armed forces will close their eyes- as they did in Kashmir, in Nagaland, in Mizoram. The so-called Hindu Hriday Samrat will have no tears for him. The Rich, the Beautiful, the Successful will giggle at our bhai’s death before branding him “terrorist”.

The Blood of Nations is measurable; it is no mere myth or daydream. 

Hindu numbers have ensured the security of this thankless Republic, the secularism of its corrupt institutions, the prosperity of its gluttonous babus. Soon our numbers will run short- the treachery of Hindu feminist women, let alone the massive assaults modernity has inflicted upon Hindu civilization- will ensure it.

Then we Hindus will go the same way the Romans went, the Persians, the valiant Himyar of Yemen, the innocent tribals of Africa, the much-demonized Incas. 

Another Republic day, my fellow Hindus. Another wound. How many more will we survive?

Opinions expressed in this article are of the author Kapil Routray.

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