#StudentSuicide: 2 Class 10th Girls Suicide in Hyderabad, Exam Pressure May be the Reason

Students suicide as establishment sleeps.

The exams have even not finished but Students have started giving up their life in fear of bad performance, or examination pressure.

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In a fresh such incident, two class 10th examination writing thier final exams, have committed suicide.
Sravani Kale and Bhargavi Patel, both 15 lost their lives, probably on the cost of examination pressure. Both were students of Akshara International School, Byramalguda, both girls jumped from eighth floor on Thursday.

Both the girls jumped from building at around 06:30pm on the day, local police has lodged a case under 174CrPC (suspicious death) for both the girls.


Sravani Kale
Sravani Kale’s File Photo (Via :HT)

 Police has recovered a scribbled suicide note by Sravani in waste paper basket, which said

“Dear Ma, Paa.. Sorry,” and “I miss you Teju..”

  • Teju, for his elder brother Teja.

The police couldn’t come to a conclusion for the suicide, but suspects, examination pressure may be the reason.

Suicides of the bright futures of India is a serious concern, unfortunately which has nothing to do to with the establishment or media. Reducing or cuting the syllabus, won’t help at all. The problem lies in the education system, which requisites cramming of syllabus. WeReform News is against the education system killing hundreds every year. WeReform News would continue to report on the suicides and seek an explanation & resolution from the establishment. People with same motive can contact us at office.wereform(@)gmail.com

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